Friday, April 11, 2008

And today's forecast...

calls for mostly cloudy skies and a 100% chance of nuclear winter...

Not exactly, but welcome to the realm of the Avant-Garde Anti-Hero, headed by a self-proclaimed "individualist" with no goals for the future! As this place has what is possibly one of the most eccentric names a blog could use, one may wonder: what's the purpose for this place?

Well, here's your answer:

Absolutely none!

The "individualist" behind this little blog just felt like exercising his freedoms. Hopefully, this one won't be a waste.

I guess you could call me a Jack of all trades, master of none. Of course, even though I would very much prefer the distinction of "Renaissance Man", it would only make me sound conceited, which is a course that is definitely not wise for any blogger writing his first blurb.

Now that you've wasted your time reading through all of this, I should get straight to the point. Even though there will be no solid course as to what this blog covers, the nonconforming Jack of all trades I claim to be boasts several of interests that I'd probably find something to discuss about:
  • Gaming
I am trapped somewhere between being a midcore and hardcore gamer. Whenever I'm not failing at life, I'm usually playing some game for my '360 or on the computer. Now, the game in question could be anything - from Assassin's Creed to Lost Odyssey to Halo 3 to Call of Duty 4. I play almost literally any game that catches my attention. As a matter of fact, I am more than likely to pick up my reservation of Grand Theft Auto IV in the coming weeks and reserve Gears of War 2. Believe it or not, I'm also pretty fond of a range of strategy games. From the Total War series to Command and Conquer, there's usually some point of time when I get drawn into an RTS. Oh yeah - and you can catch me on Xbox Live, if you haven't noticed my gamercard to the right yet.

  • Anime
DISCLAIMER: I am the farthest thing from a weeaboo, a narufag, or whatever lesser lifeforms you can think of. At the same time, I'm probably not an otaku. I have a very particular taste for anime. As I've named this place Avant-Garde Anti-Hero, you can expect me to mainly cover anime where the protagonist is an anti-hero. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

  • Photoshop
Photoshop is God. Well, at least, second to her:
(Ironically the above image is not a 'shop. Well, she is God...)

  • Computers
What dorky blogger isn't nowadays? Just give me an NVIDIA GeForce® 9800 GX2 and maybe even a second flat panel display, and I'll be all set. Having my computer and '360 connected to the same HDTV is pretty nice, but being able to use a second monitor for my computer would be perfect.

  • World domination
Well, I did call my blog the Avant-Garde Anti-Hero, so the above was bound to be placed there.
(Lelouch Lamperouge - badass anti-hero protagonist of the anime
Code Geass)
Also, to all aspiring American anti-heroes that seem to have some taste in anime, I strongly suggest for you to look out for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion on Adult Swim April 26th. Of course, for those of you who are more impatient and prefer Japanese voice-acting with English subtitles anyway: there are always alternative methods.

If you're the kind of guy who would root for Death Note's Light, then definitely look out for Code Geass or else:
Well, that's about it. If I started stuffing this little first blurb any more, it probably would be the last thing from "aesthetically pleasing," and we all know how important that is.


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epic god is hot god.

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